Residential Appraisal Services

"Stickelman, Schneider & Associates is very proud of it's ongoing five-year relationship with Fifth Third Bank. During the last three years, our specialists have provided close to 15,000 appraisals."

...Ron Stickelman - President

Through Technology, Vision, and Experience, Stickelman, Schneider is able to produce accurate appraisals in a fraction of the time that lenders expect.

An appraisal, or valuation, is a professional opinion of market value of a given property. Since no two properties are identical, a real estate appraiser assigns value utilizing different approaches.

Property owners should order an appraisal to accomplish the following:

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Commercial Appraisal Services

"Having the ability to service the full range of both residential and commercial appraisals has given us the competitive advantage in the Ohio marketplace. This advantage allows us to lead the real estate appraisal industry in our market."

Dirk Schneider -- Principal

Through expertise and experience, Stickelman, Schneider & Associates can appraise the value of your commercial property. Our reports provide details on the property, comparable properties similar in various aspects, descriptions, maps, pictures, and overall value.

Our company has three commercial appraisers.
Please contact our Customer Service department at 800-743-5638 to discuss your commercial property and how we can help.

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