Company Information

Stickelman & Associates is the real estate appraisal division within SAI Group, Inc. We offer the following services:

Our service area is Ohio, Northern Kentucky and Eastern Indiana. The company was founded in 1987 by its President, Ron Stickelman, Jr., SRA. Stickelman, Schneider & Associates has grown to be one of the most respected appraisal companies in the United States.

Stickelman & Associates has offices in Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio with over 20 professional appraisers. With the banking experience and knowledge our staff possesses we have a true understanding of our clients’ needs in accuracy, efficiency, and delivery of real estate valuations.

We use not only traditional methods of appraising for all types of real estate, but new methods which use “smart software” for expedited and cost efficient valuations. In 1998,we developed SAIVS.

With the highest commitment to ethics, professionalism and service to our clients we are moving forward with change in an industry that has been resistant to needed change. Whether you are a Financial Institution, Corporation, professional Realtor or an individual we are ready to listen to your needs and provide a solution with unmatched service.